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Media streaming solutions configured for Australia.

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CustomMedia boxes

Turn your living room into the media hub it should be.

Media streaming hardware

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Set up for Australia

Mod Store has years of experience in custom solutions from modified gaming consoles to dedicated media boxes. The experts in media streaming solutions.

Media streaming services

Want access to the latest shows and movies available at very reasonable prices from services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video?

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV has all the processing power you need in a media streaming box. Based on Android with custom XBMC installed, all your media requirements are covered.

Media player

Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV

Access to the Amazon FireTV app store.
Google Play store installed.
XBMC media center installed as default launcher.
Set up to mount USB external drive.

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The combination of Amazon FireTV services and our custom software and features makes this media box unbeatable value.

FireTV features

Watch what you want

What's on Amazon Fire TV

Movies and shows on demand

View them all in the App store.
Note that many of these services require a subscription or purchase from the app store.

XBMC in combination with the FireTV will play any media you can throw at it. Full HD support and Dolby sound.

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Latest articles and guides for setting up, using and getting the most out of your media player.

  1. Step by step guide to getting Netflix working in Australia, and on your FireTV.

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