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Xbox Modding News


Xbox Modding News

Xebuild GUI v2.04 and Diskswap Configurator v2.0 [2012-03-22 00:00:08]
Swizzy released a new version of his GUI for xeBuild and Diskswap Configurator 2.0!

What's new/fixed (Xebuild GUI v2.04):
- Fixed: Now properly using new xell-reloaded, my mind apparently lied to me and said i had swapped the files in the perm directory, but i apparently only did it in the temporary directory, sorry!
- Added: The app can now also identify CB 1940 as Xenon and will ask you if you want to use CB 7375 for ECC creation
- Updated: Using nitram's new fixed script (previous one didn't like using external CB 7375 nor did it like using CB 1940 it also has CB 6750 problem fixed, so if you have a 6751 CB it'll now be able to build ECC's for that again!)
- Fixed: Error messages are no longer written in the middle of the normal output, it's written at the end like it should be (from python)
- Updated: You can now also build Glitch type freeboot images for xenon :)
** NOTE: This will use CB 1940, if you want to use a different CB version you'll have to manually edit the glitch.ini with both new version to use AND the CRC value, aswell as add the new CB file... **
- Changed: Changed the label of GGBoot/Glitchboot, it's now more obvious for Glitch type users that this is the option they will want to use, it now says "GGBoot (Freeboot for glitch)"
- Added: I can now extract SMC_config on my own (Thanks to RF1911 and cOz)
- Removed: The debug window no longer exists... if you need to check the KV/SMC data in HEX use a hex editor! ;)
- Added: Several more easter eggs, go find them! :D
- Fixed: Forgot to add function to the flash nand button! WOOPS! it now works the way it should ;) (NOTE: this will erase the first 50 blocks then write if the total size is more then 50 blocks)
- Fixed: Several bugs/errors in the nandpro operations window
- Added: You can now make presets for the nandpro operations window, meaning if you don't like my defaults you can set your own (it'll autoload "nandpro.xml" if it exists in the main directory)
- Added: NANDPro operations is now linked to the rest of the app, so everything you do here will be effecing the result aswell, for example, when you build a ECC or BIN
- Changed: Rebuilt NANDPro operations, default settings (which are no longer visuable in the main window) is set to use USB as device and nandpro 3.0a for nandpro version (unless you've put nandpro.xml in the main directory)
- Changed: Nandpro operations is now available to everyone (it is no longer restricted to advanced mode)
- Added: IP Scanner, this feature allows you to scan for your console on your network, useful if you can't see your IP or is just lazy... it only checks a range which is user specified (default is 10 - 100)
- Changed: The nandpro operations window has been rearranged a little, and i've removed some controls and placed them on the settings screen only (those that aren't commonly changed)
- Changed: FUSE.txt is no longer downloaded to Main application directory, instead it's downloaded to a temporary directory and copied to the same directory as your source nand is located in (if it's specified, otherwise it'll ONLY be in the temporary directory: files\temp\ beware that this folder is REMOVED upon completing the build process)
** NOTE: I haven't been able to test everything with Xenon's yet, but it should work just fine, i've tested building images but haven't been able to test the resulting images to make sure that it works properly... **

* Diskswap Configurator v2.0
This little app will help you in generating a fully operational
configuration file for Disk Swapper 1.1 by aiding you with how it
should be formatted and such :)

What's new/fixed:
- Changed: The app now only requires .net Framework 2.0 ;)
- Changed: I've re-written the whole app from scratch to make it better and easier to work with
- Added: Buttons to add devices for each textbox :)
- Removed: xextool is no longer included nor required for the app to be able to fetch Title ID from a XEX file :)
- Removed: Game name is no longer a part of the app, if you need to identify your games later by adding a label or something, do so manually by writing something like: ;Gamename
- Changed: The whole app has been re-designed, it no longer has multipile windows for each part, it is now slimmed down to a single working window, the only extra window is the help information :)

Official Site: n/a, by Swizzy
Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
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